Understand the Construction Industry

Typical Construction Stages

Stage 1 : Initial Consultation

A quick meet up with us, preferably at your site.

Questions to ask us on our first meet up.
1. What challenges do you foresee in my site?
2. Does my site require me for any extra works?
3. What are the potentials for my site?
4. Do you have any concern about restrictions imposed on my site?
5. Are you interested in my project to make it a priority in your office?
6. Can you design a highly sustainable building? 

Stage 2 : Concept Design

We will help you in creating a brief for your project to suit your needs. What to expect from a brief?

Aim : The final outcome of a project.
            Example : I want a house for my family of 2 adults, 3 children and a pet dog.
                                 I want a townhouse with 3 bedroom, 1 toilet, 1 parking space.
                                 I want a customised home to suit my personal behaviour.

Budget : What is your total budget for this project?
                   What are the expenses required for a project?
                      - Architect’s Fee
                      - Consultant’s Fee (Who are the consultants?) [Civil Engineer, Building Surveyor, Geotechnical Engineer, Land Surveyor, Energy                              Rating Consultant etc.]
                      - Council Application Fee (Town Planning etc.)
                      - Builder’s Fee (Cost of Building Works)
                  Does your budget include architect and consultant's fees?

List of Priorities : With this list, it is easier to allocate your budget
1. Critical Items - Examples : Repair any damaged roofs and internal fittings
                                                            4 Bedrooms, 3 toilets, and 2 parking spots
                                                            Refurbish kitchen, living and dining.
2. Wanted Items - Examples : Rumpus/ Entertainment room
                                                             Double height entrance
                                                             Wine cellar
                                                             Gallery space for personal collections
3. Wish List - Examples           : Swimming pool
                                                           : Green wall
4. Your scrap book of images
5. Any special interest or requests

What can you expect from us from concept design stage?
1. Formalised brief
2. Concept plans, elevations and/or section
3. Sketch images
4. 2 client meetings included in fees. *Additional meetings and work will be charged at an hourly rate
5. A billing invoice for concept design stage


Stage 3 : Design Development

In this stage, we will advise and consult the design of your project in detail. Questions to be expected from us:
1. What are the materials do you prefer for your kitchen benchtop and cabinets?
2. What tilings do you prefer for ensuite, bathroom and guest vanity?
3. What compromises are you able to make in order to make sure the works doesn't exceed your budget?
     Eg : You might prefer porcelain benchtop for your kitchen but your budget doesn't allow. We will recommend a cheaper material instead.
4. What spatial arrangement suits your request better?

We will engage structural engineer during this stage to incorporate structural design into the proposal, to ensure all fittings and components fit well together. It is often that an inexperience architect could underestimate the depth required for structural members, resulting in lower ceiling height or tighter internal walkways than initial design. 

What can you expect from us from design development stage?
1. Town planning drawing set
2. Town planning application submission
3. A billing invoice


Stage 4 : Documentation

This is one of the most labour intensive stages for architects where we prepare all the construction and cabinetry details required for construction tender stage. It is advised to finalise design before this stage, because any changes to the design will cause unwanted extra hours to change information in the drawings. We might request for additional fees to amendments requested by you.

What can you expect from us from documentation stage?
1. A complete set of architectural drawings.
    a. Working drawings for building permit
    b. Plans - Site, Floor, and Roof Plans
    c. Elevations
    d. Sections
    e. Joinery details
    f. Fixtures and electrical plan & schedule
    g. Window and door schedules
2. Liaison with Structural Engineer and Energy Rating Consultants
3. 4 number of client meetings included in agreed architectural fees. *Additional client meetings will be charged at an hourly rate
4. A billing invoice for documentation stage


Stage 5 : Tendering

You may appoint your own builder at this stage and require us to co-operate with them in carrying the works. However, if you do not have a builder of preference, we will recommend a builder we've worked with before. This is solely to ensure a better form of communication during Construction Administration stage later. The selection of builder should depend on the party responsible for construction administration.

What can you expect from us from tendering stage?
1. Assistance in shortlisting and selecting relevant Builder
2. Liaison with Builder to an agreeable contract price  


Stage 6 : Construction Administration

Architects often work on site along with Builders to ensure the project is being built accordingly. The administration services we provide includes weekly visit on site to answer any queries the Builder has.

What can you expect from us from construction administration stage?
1. Weekly site visit
2. A billing invoice for construction administration stage


Stage 7 : Issue of Certificate

In this stage, Building Surveyors will carry site inspections to ensure the build project is in compliant to building regulations and codes. If all the works are in compliant, building surveyor will issue certificate of final inspection. 


Stage 8 : Completion

This is the most exciting part of the project where we hand over the completed project to you along with a set of legal documents. 
* All invoices should be paid prior to hand-over